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We are the world's awesomest, good-smellingest, logical reasoning-est,
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We offer a 10-point/99th% guarantee. It’s really simple; if you complete our 4-month Guided Course and you don't improve by at least 10 points (or score in the 99th%) we'll keep working with you until you do improve that much (full details). Also, we’re so completely confident that our LSAT prep course is the awesomest that if you find any published guarantee from any other prep course that you think is better than ours, we’ll match it. To qualify, you just have to do the course—that means you watch all the videos, and do all the assigned homework.

100+ Hours of Face-Melting LSAT Prep


Your Velocity course will provide you with every bit of the knowledge you need to conquer the LSAT.

Try Before You Buy. Get immediate FREE access to the entire actual first week of the course, where you'll learn how to deal with conditional symbolization and learn techniques that are as old as logic itself—and some that Dave Hall invented just for LSAT!

When you're ready to enroll, you have three payment options, so that you only pay for what you need!

Each payment option comes with the same access, which lets you learn on the Velocity-recommended schedule, following new lessons every week for 4 months, or just skip around to watch any lesson your heart desires at any time, as often as you'd like. The difference is only how you choose to pay. Like this:

1. Monthly access. This option gives you access for a low monthly fee every month for as long as you want to prep. For the first 17 weeks, you can follow our guidance and work through a new set of lessons every week, or you can skip around and go at your own pace, in your order. You can watch and rewatch any lesson as often as you'd like, whenever you want. 

2. Four-month Guided Tour. We'll show you what to do every single day for 4 months. Just click play on the first lesson, then follow along as Dave walks you through everything you need to know about the LSAT. You can always revisit any previous lesson as often as you need. Or feel free to skip around and watch any lesson at any time, whenever you want.

3. The 12-Month Pass. Get a full year of access to everything on the entire site. Watch what you want when you want, or follow our guidance for the first 4 months. It's always up to you. 

No matter how you go, you get access to video lessons that you can watch (and pause, rewind, and rewatch) as often as you’d like. Each video is playable at multiple speeds, so you can slow down or speed up the action as you need.

The videos come in two types: Theory videos, in which Dave introduces you to each type of question the test writers ask and presents his theoretical framework for understanding and attacking questions; and the Practice videos, where you can watch Dave put that theory into… practice, using the actual LSAT questions contained in your mandatory LawHub subscription.

Your course also contains  tips on how to take practice tests, how to make the most of the course, and how to get faster at the LSAT, among other things.

Your course also comes with full support for any questions you might have. Typically, our students find the course videos so complete that they need little (or no) further help, but if you ever do find that you need more assistance, it’s always there for you—you can ask questions in whatever manner is most convenient to you (email, text message, carrier pigeon), and Dave will get you an answer fast.

All course options require a subscription to the LSAC LawHub. If you already have your subscription, no need to re-purchase. But if you don't have one, we've got you covered; you can add it during your Velocity course checkout.


Alex P

I worked through the videos, the practice tests, all of it, and today I finally got back my score: 171, higher than I had dared to hope for.

I owe my score to Dave's fun, inventive teaching style and the resources Velocity provided.

Kyle M

Dave is ridiculously talented and his efficient explanations are second to none. I'm a little bit less of a "bookworm" than your typical LSAT taker so his simplistic, straightforward, "guy at the end of the bar" way of describing these seemingly complex concepts is spot on for my style.

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