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So, How Does This Work?


Velocity Test Prep is happy to offer live online tutoring with Dave Hall via Zoom.

To begin—before you purchase any hours here—please scroll down (or click here) to set up your individual tutorial calendar. Then, after you have confirmed your sessions, you can purchase your hours, knowing you've got the schedule you want locked down.

Want to talk about it first? Book a free 15-min consultation using the link below. Talk to Dave Hall about anything that's on your mind! Questions/Concerns/Clarifications/Counsel: whatever you need (just so long as it starts with a hard-c sound)!

Some notes on tutorial sessions:

1. Time of sessions. For most students, we've found that one to two hours is about the right amount of time per session. 

2. We can schedule as many - or as few - sessions per week as you'd like. Most students find one to two weekly sessions (a total of 2-4 hours per week) to be about right.

3. To offer comprehensive coverage of the test, we'll typically need 20-or-so hours. To help you gauge your time allotment, you can expect that in a single one-hour session, we'll likely be able to cover 2 full games, or else 2 RC passages, or else 10-12 Logical Reasoning questions. We will always work at your speed, making sure you're understanding everything without wasting any time or rushing any concepts.

4. You're totally in charge of the time. We can plan our sessions ahead of time to cover certain principles and topics, or we can work only based on your questions, or we can do some hybrid of the two. It's always up to you.

5. Bonus awesomeness. Save money with a package of hours: pay for 10 hours and get 12, or pay for 20 hours and get 25.

Let's do this! Click below to schedule your time, then add hours to your cart and LSAT joy to your life. 👊🏽  

Anya R

Dave is the best - there is no one out there that can compete! I used various course materials prior to finding Dave & there is just nothing that comes even close to Dave's way of teaching.

 I wasn't able to truly 'get' the LSAT until finding Velocity!

John M

Dave's teaching is what enabled me to score in the 99th percentile.

Dave's techniques are easy to comprehend and will make you a much more consistent test taker. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


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