Why Velocity


We Know Logic

The LSAT is a test of your reasoning ability. You’ll need to know some principles of logic in order to be ready for this test, and we know what principles are tested, which ones appear with most frequency, and best of all, we’ve gotten really quite good at teaching these ideas.


We Know LSAT

The LSAT is also a standardized test. This means that, like every standardized test on Earth, it is pattern-dependent. We’ve spent years learning those patterns, and we can show you what they are, and how to exploit them.


You'll Know Kung Fu

Once you’ve got the knowledge, you need to know what to do with it. We’ll give you a hardcore, take-no-prisoners attack plan for every question on the test. By the time you’ve finished your training, you’ll have no doubt. You will know Kung Fu.


Velocity Leadership

Velocity was started in Orange County, California by Dave Hall who wanted to create a new way to prepare for the LSAT. And he wanted to do it with a course that was nice to look at, easy to use and most importantly effective.

Dave Hall

Dave Hall

- Founder -


We Were In Your Shoes, Once.

We remember what it was like before we had total mastery of the LSAT. Because of that, we get it.

Also, we know something that you might not know yet, but that you should: You already have most of what it takes for success. You’ve got drive, intelligence, desire. You know where you need to go; you just need to know how to get there. You know the job you’ve go to do; you just need the right tools to put it all together.

That’s where we come in.

Nobody understands the LSAT better than we do, and that means that you’ve come to the right place.

Here's what our students have to say about us.

What We Believe...

  • the LSAT is a reasonably good test (as far as standardized tests go).
  • we’ve learned the keys to unlocking its secrets.
  • logic can change the world.
  • we are unique in a crowded marketplace.
  • your success is predicated on the work you do, on the training you get, and on your desire for change.
  • anything can be done.
  • everything must be worked for.
  • nobody gets it better than we do.
  • you can do this.
  • we can show you how


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