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It was while floating down the broad yellow belly of the Indus, clinging to an ever-twisting banyan limb under the sweetly oppressive scent of figs and violence that Dave “Alan” Hall decided that there had to be an easier path to glory and untold wealth.

Years later, with three perfect scores and thousands of teaching hours under his belt, Dave’s on his way. Well, he’s on his way to the glory part, at least.

Dave’s awe-struck students say that his most important quality (aside from his keen wit and the strength of ten men) is his ability to inspire confidence. After taking the LSAT, they often say that it was Dave’s absolute confidence in them that fueled their belief in themselves.

We say it’s his Kung-Fu grip.

 Either way, with the kind of score improvements his students achieve, and with the impressive roster of former students who've gained admission to the best schools in the country (including Yale, Harvard, Stanford and NYU), we think he might just be onto something.

Now, about that untold wealth…


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Why Velocity?


We Know Logic

The LSAT is a test of your reasoning ability. You’ll need to know some principles of logic in order to be ready for this test, and we know what principles are tested, which ones appear with most frequency, and best of all, we’ve gotten really quite good at teaching these ideas.



We Know LSAT

The LSAT is also a standardized test. This means that, like every standardized test on Earth, it is pattern-dependent. We’ve spent years learning those patterns, and we can show you what they are, and how to exploit them.



You'll Know Kung Fu

Once you’ve got the knowledge, you need to know what to do with it. We’ll give you a hardcore, take-no-prisoners attack plan for every question on the test. By the time you’ve finished your training, you’ll have no doubt. You will know Kung Fu.


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