Conditional Formulations



Below, you'll find examples of every bit of conditional language we've ever seen on the LSAT, along with the correct symbolization for each sentence.

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Pizza is Addictive.

All Pizza is Addictive.

If it’s Pizza, then it’s Addictive.

Any Pizza is Addictive.

No Pizza is not Addictive.

So long as it’s Pizza, it’s Addictive.


Correct Symbolization:






Only Pizza is Addictive.

A thing is Addictive only if it’s Pizza.

The only Addictive thing is Pizza.

In order to be Addictive, a thing must be Pizza.  


Correct Symbolization:






✓LARP*ing is enough to make you Cool.

✓LARPing causes you to be Cool.

✓LARPing makes you Cool.

Anyone who LARPs is Cool.

Everyone who LARPs is Cool.

Every time a person LARPs, she’s also Cool.

✓Coolness happens every time LARPing occurs.

✓LARPing is always Cool.

✓LARPing implies Coolness.

✓LARPing inevitably results in being Cool.

Because she LARPs, she’s Cool.


Correct Symbolization:





*Live Action Role Playing! (If there’s one thing we know, it’s being cool. Obvs. 👊🏽 )



✓LARPing is necessary for being Cool.

✓To be Cool, one must LARP.

✓Being Cool requires LARPing.

✓LARPing is essential for being Cool.

✓You need to LARP to be Cool.

The only Cool people are those who LARP.

✓You can’t be Cool unless you LARP.

✓You can’t be Cool without LARPing.




Correct Symbolization:






No Yankees fans are Red Sox fans.

Yankees fandom is incompatible with Red Sox fandom.

✓Yankees fandom is inconsistent with Red Sox fandom.

✓Yankees fans are not Red Sox fans.

✓Yankees fans are never Red Sox fans.

✓Yankees fans cannot be with/go with Red Sox fans.


Correct Symbolization:







Everyone loves either Baseball or Apple pie.

✓Apple pie is chosen by anyone who does not love Baseball.

✓Apple pie appears/happens every time Baseball does not.







Correct Symbolization:







✓One can travel at the speed of light (C) if and only if one is moving at 186K mi/sec.


✓You’re traveling at the speed of light if but only if you’re going 186K mi/sec


✓Traveling at the speed of light means nothing more than that you’re going 186K mi/sec. 

✓Traveling at the speed of light is the same as going 186K mi/sec.


The only requirement for traveling at the speed of light is to be going 186K mi/sec.


Correct Symbolization:


C→186 and 186→C

~186→~C and ~C→~186