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If you are like me, you tried to study for the LSAT on your own and thought the test couldn't possibly that hard, and then left the test thinking, dang- it WAS that hard. Well, don't give up, because with Dave's Velocity Test Prep you will leave the test the second time thinking... ok, it wasn't THAT hard after all. Before Velocity - 155 After Velocity - 173

Megan W

Success story! I just got my lsat score notification - it was better than any of the practice tests I'd taken up to that point - 177! I loved this course. Great flexibility, always clear and logical, really high quality. On test day I felt super prepared/calm/focused, and it paid off. (I kind of wish all other education happened this way too, but that's a different story.) Highly recommended for anyone wanting to do really well on this test. Thanks Dave! After Velocity - 177


I got a 172 and so can you! Dave is the man to show you how. Dave's developed a unique set of skills which allows him to break down the LSAT in all of its gargantuan complexity into simple bite-sized pieces. His approach is disciplined, methodical, effective and instantly accesible. Every thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Do the right thing, sign up with Velocity and conquer the LSAT like I did. Before Velocity - 163 After Velocity - 172

Rob D

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