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  • Everything there is to know about the LSAT
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  • Or set your own 4-month schedule
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  • Learn what the LSAT wants from you, and how to defeat it (like a BOSS, that's how)

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What People Are Saying:

Dave turns the LSAT from an arduous 600 page novel, into an easy to read children’s book. His Velocity program allows the average person to see clear patterns, which allows anyone at any level to answer all questions with efficiency and accuracy. I, myself, raised my score by 22 points, and I owe it all to Dave.

Joel T.

I would describe Dave Hall as the Jedi Master of LSAT prep instructors. He is wise, insightful, an incredible teacher and yes he can move objects with the Force. Before Velocity - 155 After Velocity - 170

David B.

$299 (4 months guided access)

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