Tutoring—12 Hour Package (most popular)

Book your sessions here (if you haven't already) BEFORE you purchase your hours. That way you'll know you've got the schedule you need.

Some notes on tutorial sessions:

1. Time of sessions. For most students, we've found that one hour to one-and-a-half is about the right amount of time per session. 

2. We can schedule as many - or as few - sessions per week as you'd like. Most students find one to two weekly sessions (a total of 2-3 hours per week) to be about right.

3. To offer comprehensive coverage of the test, we'll typically need 20-or-so hours. To help you gauge your time allotment, you can expect that in a single one-hour session, we'll likely be able to cover 2 full games, or else 2 RC passages, or else 10-12 Logical Reasoning questions. We will always work at your speed, making sure you're understanding everything without wasting any time or rushing any concepts.

4. You're totally in charge of the time. We can plan our sessions ahead of time to cover certain principles and topics, or we can work only based on your questions, or we can do some hybrid of the two. It's always up to you.

What People Are Saying:

The first time that I took the LSAT, I panicked on the games section. The preparation materials that I had used emphasized making inferences, and when I realized that there were few inferences to be made on that particular set of games, I froze. I ended up canceling my score. I turned to Velocity because of its reputation for approaching the games systematically. For someone like me, who doesn't find the games intuitive, relying on an established system allayed my anxiety and vastly improved my performance. I scored a 178 on my next test. I am almost certainly that I could not have do it without Velocity.


Thanks for the help with the games! It was great to have someone break it down in a way that was easy to understand. It was also great that I could study on my own schedule. When I first started this program, I could not have imagined I would get a 170. Now, every school in the country is fair game! Thanks, Dave! Before Velocity - 155 After Velocity - 170


$1,500 ($125/hour)

Active LawHub Subscription is required for all Velocity prep options; add a subscription here ($115) if you don't have one!