Tutoring—25 Hour Package

Book your sessions here (if you haven't already) BEFORE you purchase your hours. That way you'll know you've got the schedule you need.

Some notes on tutorial sessions:

1. Time of sessions. For most students, we've found that one hour to one-and-a-half is about the right amount of time per session. 

2. We can schedule as many - or as few - sessions per week as you'd like. Most students find one to two weekly sessions (a total of 2-3 hours per week) to be about right.

3. To offer comprehensive coverage of the test, we'll typically need 20-or-so hours. To help you gauge your time allotment, you can expect that in a single one-hour session, we'll likely be able to cover 2 full games, or else 2 RC passages, or else 10-12 Logical Reasoning questions. We will always work at your speed, making sure you're understanding everything without wasting any time or rushing any concepts.

4. You're totally in charge of the time. We can plan our sessions ahead of time to cover certain principles and topics, or we can work only based on your questions, or we can do some hybrid of the two. It's always up to you.

What People Are Saying:

I came to Dave after finding his free video explanations on YouTube, which I found very helpful. His teaching style was very easy to understand and I liked how he was able to convey difficult and complex LSAT concepts into simple terms! I have taken LSAT courses from the top 2 companies in the past, and I found their fast-paced approach and instructors lacking teaching experience not conducive to reaching my full LSAT potential and my best score. Unlike my experience with large prep course companies, Dave actually cared about helping me succeed, he was very accommodating to my specific struggles as a student and he genuinely wants each and every one of his students to reach their highest LSAT potential. My biggest struggle was inconsistency in my scores, I had studied a bit before coming across Dave. I reached a score plateau in the mid to high 160s, and I was frustrated wanting to break into the 170s. His teaching approach and strategies helped me see what I was doing wrong and how to fix my weaknesses while improving my strengths. No matter what your starting point is, Dave’s approach will definitely help you reach your highest LSAT potential. I am very grateful that I found Dave as he really is the most knowledgeable LSAT instructor I have worked with and he’s an amazing teacher! It’s not enough to be a high scorer, as I realized, an exceptional LSAT instructor has great teaching skills and experience along with a passion for helping students succeed. I shall conclude this long-winded testimony now, thank you so much Dave! Before Velocity - 164 After Velocity - 174


$3,000 ($120/hour)

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