Tutoring Sessions

Velocity Test Prep is happy to offer live online tutoring with Dave Hall via Skype. 

Bonus Awesomeness! Now, you guys get a free tutorial hour for every 10 session hours you purchase (your bonus hour gets added after every 10 hours of tutoring if you want to pay as you go. This way, you have the freedom to choose how much tutoring you need with total flexibility).

Double Bonus Awesomeness! If you buy in bulk, you'll get two free tutorial hours for every 10 session hours you purchase at one time! (I know. It's almost too awesome).

To begin—before you purchase any hours here—please call Dave at 714-794-2345 to set up an individual tutorial calendar. Then, once we’ve got a calendar together, you can purchase weekly, daily, or the whole bundle in advance.

Some notes on tutorial sessions:

1. Time of sessions. For most students, we've found that one hour to one-and-a-half is about the right amount of time per session. 

2. We can schedule as many - or as few - sessions per week as you'd like. Most students find one to two weekly sessions (a total of 2-3 hours per week) to be about right.

3. To offer comprehensive coverage of the test, we'll typically need 20-or-so hours. To help you gauge your time allotment, you can expect that in a single one-hour session, we'll likely be able to cover 2 full games, or else 2 RC passages, or else 10-12 Logical Reasoning questions. We will always work at your speed, making sure you're understanding everything without wasting any time or rushing any concepts.

4. You're totally in charge of the time. We can plan our sessions ahead of time to cover certain principles and topics, or we can work only based on your questions, or we can do some hybrid of the two. It's always up to you.

* tutoring hours cannot be refunded.
* Students will be responsible for providing their own PrepTests.

Velocity Test Prep Private Tutoring