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LSAT Explanations

Free LSAT Answer Explanations

Velocity Test Prep has released free lsat answer explanations for every right answer to every test question from every practice test published this entire millennium!

How it works: See our LSAT Explanations here, then pick a Game, or a RC passage, or any LR question that’s been weighing you down, and you watch our unpacking of it. If you still don’t understand the right answer after watching the video then we’ll help you! To do that, you create a free account here, then you post a comment asking your question. Dave Hall will respond with an answer to you, or maybe he’ll just re-record the video to clarify the answer. We’re here to make your life better, is what we’re saying.

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LSAT Grader

Free LSAT Grader

Grade and keep track of every practice test published this entire millennium! Velocity Test Prep's LSATGrader helps identify your strengths and weaknesses.

All LSAT practice questions and answers are broken down by the Logical Reasoning question types, Games templates, and Reading Comprehension purposes. All test results are presented with user friendly charts and graphs to clearly gauge the areas that are most important.

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LSAT Prep Tips

Free LSAT Prep Tips

Here you will find a collection of our best LSAT prep tips making you a faster, stronger, and more effective test taker. Get a detailed introduction on the sections of the test incuding Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Games.

All tips are provided as helpful videos and answers to your most common questions including anticipating language cues, allocating your time, getting faster, avoiding errors, coping with anxiety, practice tests approach and setting goals.

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LSAT Question Types Matrix

LSAT Question Types Matrix

Having trouble with a certain question type? Easily identify and filter down all practice tests questions by their question type. Get data on the Logical Reasoning category & type, Reading Comprehension subject & purpose, and the Logic Games template.

Our database of practice test questions includes all tests issued by LSAC this millennium.

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