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What's in the Box?

You bring the books, we'll handle everything else. Your Velocity course will provide you with every bit of the knowledge you need to conquer the LSAT. You can enroll in two ways: pay monthly ($199 for the first month, then $99/month after that until you're ready for test day) or else pay for a year's access all at once ($799 for the first year, then $99/month if you want to prep longer). Either way, you get the same access to video lessons that you can watch (and pause, rewind, and rewatch) as often as—and at whatever time—you’d like. Each video is playable at multiple speeds, so you can slow down or speed up the action as you need.

The videos come in two types: Theory videos, in which Dave introduces you to each type of question the test writers ask and presents his theoretical framework for understanding and attacking questions; and the Practice videos, where you can watch Dave put that theory into… practice, using all of the actual LSAT questions contained in the books referred to below.

Your course also contains tips for creating a syllabus for whatever amount of time you have until test day, with specific, action-oriented advice for how to structure and conduct your homework sessions, plus tips on how to take practice tests, how to make the most of the course, and how to get faster at the LSAT, among other things.

Your course also comes with full support for any questions you might have. Typically, our students find the course videos so complete that they need little (or no) further help, but if you ever do find that you need more assistance, it’s always there for you—you can ask questions in whatever manner is most convenient to you (our internal messaging system, email, text message, carrier pigeon), and Dave will get you an answer fast.

Want to Check Out Your Syllabus?

Syllabus (A)—Intro + Conditionals Syllabus (B)—Games Syllabus (C)—LR Part 1 Syllabus (D)—LR Part 2 Syllabus (E)—Reading Comp


Velocity Best LSAT Prep Books

You bring the books, and we'll provide you with complete video instructions detailing a precise, specific methodology for answering every question, and seeing each question as belonging to a family of similar questions. This way, your work becomes automatic and fast.

Our Velocity Theory video lessons first introduce each type of question asked on the LSAT, then walk you through a step-by-step approach to the questions as they appear on recent PrepTests.


Why do you use those tests?

We’ve used only more recent material for our course; you’ll be taking the most-recent test on test day, so your practice should be recent and reflect the test in its current condition. We don’t believe that the older tests are as useful, so we don't use them, and we don’t think you should have to pay for them.

Do you offer discounts or financial aid?

Totally! We got into this so that the best prep in the universe wasn't going to be available only to the rich (We can remember being poor college students, too). We offer Need-Based Aid, Upgrade Discounts, and a Military Discount, too.

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Can I view the videos and other course material from my tablet or smartphone?

Yes. Our videos will play on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and every web browser in common use (we're talking about you, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer).

Why don't you sell PrepTests?

It saves you money. You can find the anthologies LSAC publishes from Amazon and your local bookseller, for around $25 per book. If you buy from a retailer, we don't have to act as a middleman, which means you get your tests for less and your prep with us is an even better value!

What if I have questions or need assistance?

Being the best LSAT prep course means being there for you. There are many ways to stay in direct communication with us. We have video answers, anytime internal email Messaging System, video by video discussions, or anytime at the LSAT Prep Forum. We respond promptly to any questions you may have.



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Communicate directly with Dave at any moment using our internal messaging system. Send an unlimited number of questions, ideas and casserole recipes.

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You have things you want to know. Dave knows things he wants to tell you. It's like you two were made for each other.

LSAT Syllabus

Velocity Syllabus

Develop a complete, detailed syllabus showing you exactly what to do every day until your test. Whether you have sixteen weeks until test day or only two (oh, snap!), you'll have a precise plan of action to lead you all the way there in ass-kicking fashion.


the LSAT Grader

Grade and keep track of every practice test published this entire millennium! All test results are presented with user friendly charts and graphs to clearly gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

Practice Test Grader


10 Points or 99th% Guaranteed

We offer a 10-point/99th% guarantee. It’s really simple; if you take our course and you don't improve by at least 10 points (or score in the 99th%) we'll keep working with you until you do improve that much (full details). Also, we’re so completely confident that our LSAT prep course is the awesomest that if you find any published guarantee from any other prep course that you think is better than ours, we’ll match it. To qualify, you just have to do the course—that means you watch all the videos, and do all the assigned homework.


The Bottom Line

The LSAT is a difficult test that rewards your ability to think quickly and clearly under pressure, to read well and deeply in a limited time frame, and most importantly, to balance a succession of claims against the evidence offered in their support. An awful lot like law school, actually. An awful lot like the practice of law, too. In our comprehensive, ass-kicking LSAT video course, we’ll walk you through a rigorous, carefully constructed program that will help you develop the skills essential to your success on this test. Every lesson is organized around three central tenets:


First Principles.

In every section, we’ll introduce to you the rules of logic that dictate the structure and content of the LSAT. These principles are the foundations upon which the LSAT is built, and understanding them is the first step toward mastering the test. In addition to principles of logic, we’ll also demonstrate for you principles of approach – you’ll learn a cogent, global plan for attacking the LSAT, and for teaching it not to mess with you.


Test Patterns.

In these pages, we’ll also use our deep knowledge of the history of the LSAT to introduce to you the repeated structures of thought and practice in the test-writers’ approach to the material. You’ll benefit from our experience and learn to anticipate the common formulations of test material, questions, and right – and wrong! – answer choices.


Attack Plans.

We’ll show you detailed and specific methods for understanding what each question on the test asks from you, and powerful, consistent methodologies for dealing with each. Our task-specific Attack Plans derive from the demands set forth by the test-writers, and reflect both First Principles and Test Patterns in order to build a systematic, cohesive advance against the evil monolith of the LSAT. (OK. Maybe the prose got a little away from us there. But still; you get the point).

The bottom line? By the time we’re done with you, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to be a fierce logician and an LSAT Kung Fu master. The rest is up to you. Are you ready?