Office Hours Will Be Here Soon!

We're still finalizing the details; office hours will be live sometime in January 2018.

It will look something like this:

  • I’ll be available on Skype for an hour every week (for the next few months, I’m thinking probably Friday afternoons: I’ll put up a calendar on this page once I’ve decided for sure)
  • The calendar will be set and I’ll stick to it as best as humanly possible
  • You’ll register to join, and entry will be limited to 25 students every session
  • Students in the top-level course (the “Roid Rage Mega Velocity” option) can join every session for free so long as they’re among the first 25 to register 
  • If registration becomes an issue (if people are consistently unable to get in because the same 25 people are super-quick on the trigger) I’ll create a solution. We’ll worry about that if it happens, but I’m saying we’ll find a fix if it does.
  • Maybe in the future we’ll add an option for students in our other courses to join for a per-session fee (probably $20-$50/session), but that probably won’t be available right away