Office Hours of Great Vengeance and Furious Anger!

Here's the deets:

  • Dave is available on Skype for an hour every week to take your questions
  • We set the calendar monthly and then stick to it as best as humanly possible (all times listed are in the US Eastern Time Zone)
  • You’ll register to join (we send weekly emails with registration info), and entry will be limited to 24 students every session
  • Students enrolled in the “Mega Velocity” course option can join every session for free so long as they’re among the first 24 to register 
  • If only one person signs up, that person will get a free hour of one-on-one time with Dave
  • These Office Hours sessions are Q+A deals: there's nothing we've held back from the video lessons that Dave will put into office hours. It's just another chance for you to ask about anything that's on your mind, live and in a small group setting
  • All other avenues of asking questions are still available to you

Here's the calendar: