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Where do the problems in the "Games" book come from?

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Where do the problems in the "Games" book come from?

Are the games in the "Games" book taken from actual LSATs? If so, when i'm finished with the Games book, for which PTs will I have NOT seen any of the games? I'm trying to leave at least some "virgin" practice tests to use for timed full tests once it's closer to my test date.

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All of the material from all of your books comes from actual, previously-administered LSATs. 

Your Games book contains every game published from PrepTest 32 to PrepTest 53.

Your Practice Exams book contains every game published from PrepTest 54 to PrepTest 65.

This week, we'll upload a new digital version of the Practice Exams book which will contain PT 57 - PT 68 (54-56 will still be available as stand-alones, although we've used the sections from those tests as "Experimental" sections in the tests in the new Practice Exams manual).

To recap: once you've done every game from your copies of the Games and Practice Exams manuals, you'll still have the three most-recent tests' worth available in your digital library. If you need more than that, you could work on anything older than PrepTest 32, but I advise strongly against it - if you do, you'll notice pretty quickly that a lot of those games are significantly more difficult - and substantially different - from those on today's tests.


P.S. One last note - you've done every game in your Games manual at least 3 times, right? Because you'll know you're ready for games when you can pick up a game from that manual and teach your oral hygienist how to do it. If you don't know it that well, you're not as ready as you can be!

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