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Elizabeth N
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Variable Grouping

I assume that preptest 48 p. 148; preptest 42 p. 153; and preptest 43 p. 154 are all of the "variable grouping" games that have appeared on preptests 32-53.

I'd like to know if "variable grouping" games appear in preptests 1-31 or else 54-66. If so, a citation would be enormously appreciated.


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Hey, Liz,

There are VG games on PTs 35, 42, 43, 47, 48, and 62 (I've got a complete list of Games from this millennium broken down by type here).

I haven't done the numbers on older tests; memory tells me there are two or three from 1-31, but I'm not certain where.


Elizabeth N
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Thanks a lot Dave.

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