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Thank you Dave!

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Thank you Dave!

I'm so grateful for your videos and podcast. I honestly can't afford to enroll right now, and I can't borrow money from my parents in spite of what Mitt suggests. I wish I had millions of dollars to send you, but even that wouldn't be enough because what you provide is priceless. Please know you are providing the greatest gift to a lot of us out there- knowledge and confidence. Thank you so much!

Love U!

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Wow! Thanks so much!

We're really sensitive to your predicament - have you checked out our various discounts and payment plans? Maybe that would help?


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Prior to purchasing Velocity, I've spent 3 months reading hundreds of pages through Kaplan, Bible, Peterson and others. I've learned more from reading your FAQ, watching videos off "Office", watching free videos and going through the first lesson plans of each section. At first I debated on whether to purchaseTestMaster, AlphaScore or Velocity but in the end I chose Velocity, not only do you have the most reasonable price but I love how you make learning the LSAT fun.

Thank goodness for Youtube or I would have never found you!

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I'm framing this.

Thank you!

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