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TestMasters is jealous

I recently heard about you dispute with TestMasters and I want to let you know that I, and many people here, support you. When I found your thread on TLS forums I was well aware of the controversy of your test scores. I was also concerned by some repetitive posts (but honestly, who could be expected to write thesis papers about RC like you did over and over?). When I decided to pay for your course, it was not because of you three 180's, or two 180's or anything. I chose this service over TestMasters, Kaplan, and self study for three reasons; first was your competitive pricing, there was no contest about the value of your course, second was your free videos, they just made sense and I noticed my confidence increase just from those basic lessons, third was how you made studying for the LSAT fun and enjoyable. So much so that I was the only one smiling at my test center. So when TestMasters claims that your high scores offer you an unfair advantage, you tell them that until they offer a $400 complete course with amicable and energetic teachers that know what they are doing, you do not have an unfair advantage, they have just taken a business model that gives themselves an unfair disadvantage.

You have given me the tools to score a 180 on my LSAT, and if I score any less, it is due to my lack of studying and hard work. If you need written testimonies like this as court evidence you have students that will volunteer. 

Thank you for your hard work I will be continuing your service if I need to retake *fingers crossed I don't*

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+1 - Dave is a legit teacher. I wish I could've found him before I blew my wad (read: too much cash) on crappy Kaplan test prep garbage and before a week prior to the tests... I found his podcasts because after going through an entire course and practicing I was still coming up -20, -22 etc. After watching the free content he has available, I moved up to a -7 or -9 depending on the test.

For example, the LG methods described elsewhere work but take too long or are just plain going about it wrong. Just from the free videos I got this - global accounting, conditionals, could be true, must be true. Just the fact that I'm doing it in that order shaved minutes off of each question. The thought never occurred to me without it, and worse, it wasn't even suggested in the traditional course. The closest it got was "don't skip the global accounting, it's a free point - which I now know is total and utter garbage.

Luckily my wife will be doing the LSAT within the next couple of years - she will definitely take the comprehensive course. (I'll probably still watch some of the videos too, not only is he informative he's entertaining.)

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Thank you both. It's really nice to hear such kind words. The team and I will keep working to make this the best place ever for test prep. All the rest is just noise.

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I do have one suggestion for you. Flash clone yourself, and distribute your clones across the world, so then you can have VelocityLSAT class rooms all over the world! However, then you would have access to undocumented technology, so you would probably have an unfair advantage.

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Ether pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly. 

Dave's one of the best teachers I've ever had, and haven't even met the dude in person lol. 

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I absolutely agree with the OP. In early April, thinking that I might take the LSAT in June, rushed to buy into a test prep program. It was Testmasters Online Course. I discovered Velocity about three days after I had already enrolled (and dropped a grand). I sorely regretted my decision. 

I learned with Testmasters, no doubt. But I was very convinced I had not reached my full potential. I, too, made my decision not because of "three 180s", but because I saw the merit in Dave's explanations on his TLS thread, I liked the increased emphasis on pattern recognition, and, finally, his methods of attack on LR and LG (I have not gotten to RC, yet) are superior. It had never dawned on me that a Flaw problem and a Necessary Assumption problem are, in the majority of cases, the same thing. Within two weeks, I have made massive improvements in pre-phrasing answers, correct ones, which is invaluable for attacking questions efficiently and effectively. 

Your product is very good, Dave. I say with full confidence that your programs cost is money very well spent. I got the impression that was the case before I bought the course, and THAT was the reason why I decided to go for it. 

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I absolutely agree,but as long as its the same test there gonna be an overlap of techniques,anyway i think Dave`s approach to Rc is the best i ever came across,i checked different materials before i found him ,i specifically like testmasters` way of teaching the flaws,cause i thinks ,everythig else besides lsat ,every attorney needs to know all those 80 flaws ,cause they may be not that common in the Lsat but in legal arguments they are often to come across,but yea Dave is much better at teaching the reading comp i loved his approach ,he is much inspirational,i wanna be as energetic and enthusiastic as him, there is sth in every class that i liked ,logical reasoning i loved manhattan lsat and testmasters,games i liked testmasters approach ,and for Rc i liked Dave`s approach i just have my own way of approaching the things but yea Dave is pretty much generous to put those videos online for free access for everyone i wish i could attend a workshop with him,Dave may be u can give me a pass to attend one of your workshops,i would love to attend i need a little but of that Kung Fu grip,lol.

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