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The phrasing of this question was a little bit confusing,when it says L and N speak the same language as each other ,i thought that they could have 1 language in common and accord to it N could go in X and K could go there with it then the maximum number of people who could speak Turkish would be 4 (K,N,H ,I)and not 3,but it was 3,if it said L and N speak the same languages as each other then i see how it could be 3,but if it says the same language doesn`t it have to be 1 language and not two?

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Hi, Veronica,

I addressed this question in a previous Mailbag session - check out SECTION ONE of the session on 2012-07-30.

I believe you'll find that answers your question!

As always, let me know if you need help.



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