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SuperPrep C - Game 4 #20-24

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Nemo B
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SuperPrep C - Game 4 #20-24

I literally could not figure this game out. I don't know what's going on but recently I've been taking these Superprep A, B, C tests and I am just doing horrible at LG all of a sudden. I have no idea what the proper diagram is for this. I tried to use the variable grouping for this setup with the years on the left hand side and the Factories on the top. It seemed to work for a little bit but it just wasn't working for #23 and #22 and I got so frustrated I felt like breaking something. I'm a little worried LSAC might throw something like this on the October test since I haven't seen anything like it in recent tests. Could you please do the set up for this game along with #22 and #23? Thanks!

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Hey, there,

I've answered your question in this week's mailbag. Today's session is listed as 2012-08-13.

You'll notice that there are vertical lines running through the playback bar; each line represents a section break, so you can quickly jump to your question if you'd like (although you may have to wait for the entire video to load in order to navigate within playback). 



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