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So what's the deal with evaluations?

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So what's the deal with evaluations?

Does anyone know if it's important to send out these evaluations to law schools? I've noticed just about all of the schools I'm applying to do not require it, but will accept up to one. I hadn't heard of them before I was reading through the applications. Is this something important that I should have known about?

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Don't panic.

Most law schools don't care about evaluations (not yet, anyway, though they may someday!).

There are like, 3 schools that require them. The other 190-ish do not. And there are maybe 40-ish schools that recommend them.

That last group is worth thinking about - if your dream law school is on that list, then you're going to want to get evaluations done.

The whole list is available here from LSAC (EDIT: Since the last time I looked that list over, LSAC has made it less useful. It used to show for each school what their position was on LOR and Evals. Now they're uselessly lumped together. So check out your desired schools' websites, K?).

Bottom line? If your school "recommends" it, do it! Otherwise, don't fuss.


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