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Role and method vocab

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Role and method vocab

I run into things on role questions especially that I'm not exactly sure what they are. Intermediate conclusions and general principles are the two that I see with the most frequency. Also, when it is talking about a phenomenon within the passage, I just usually substitute the word phenomenon with "thing" in my own mind. Can you explain a little bit for me about what the LSAT is talking about when it throws out the terms general principle and intermediate conclusions.

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But of course:

Intermediate (or subsidiary) conclusion: A claim that is supported by evidence, and which is itself offered as evidence for a broader claim.

Mutton must be delicious with lettuce and tomato. After all, anything that rhymes with Lauren Hutton is delicious paired with lettuce and tomato. Therefore, we should eat a nice mutton, lettuce and tomato samwich.

Sentence 1 is your intermediate conclusion, based on the evidence of Sentence 2, and used to support the main conclusion of Sentence 3.

General Principle: A rule that applies broadly.

As a general principle, I don't date outside my species, but this Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato sammy is so tasty I'm thinking of making an exception.

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