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Resume Overload

Hi happy new year!

So I've been struggling with the resume because I have acquired in my 25 years of life 2 full time professional jobs, 7 internships, and over 10 part time restaurant jobs. Ooof.

Overall, this excessive amount s%*&t has really helped form me as someone who works very hard and has a lot of varied experiences informing a pretty unique perspective. However, over and over again I hear that brevity is key and I shouldn't exceed one page. I also have heard that service industry experience isn't seen as particularly relevant to law school, and as a result it should be omitted. I disagree with that simply because that experience has been essential to my professional experience thus far. I think the fact that I have worked a LOT distinguishes me from a lot of the other candidates.

Essentially, a lot of the advice I'm getting is telling me deemphasize internships, omit service industry and play up my professional full time gigs. Yet, I'm worried it will undermine one of my more distinguishing characteristics and make me a more 'vanilla' gal.


Thanks in advance for your time & wisdom!

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Here's my basic advice about law school resumes (tl;dr The most important part is your educational experience, typically).

However, if your Personal Statement is going to emphasize your work experience, then your resume should reflect that emphasis. If it helps, here's the resume I used in my application. You'll note there's no reference to the decade I spent waiting tables and tending bar:

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