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Resume format

Is there a standard format law school admissions want to see when looking at a resume? Should it list skills and such like that of a resume for a job? How far back should it go? My prelaw advisor wants to see it go back to highschool. But I graduated highschool in 1984, and that would force two things. First a huge amoud of part time crap jobs, and second, this will exceed the 1 page resume pushing it closer to 3 if not 4.

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I don't see any reason at all for your resume to go that far back unless you won a Nobel Prize in 1984 or something.

Otherwise, think of the resume as your chance to shine a light on the parts of your history that aren't automatically included in the rest of your application: recent work experience and awards/honors are probably the two most important things you'll point to.

The one-page guideline is in effect here, but it's a guideline, not a rule. If you really need an extra page to list all your accomplishments, then certainly use it!

Remember that you're not highlighting your specific work-related skills (you're not trying to get a job with this!) - instead, you're showing who you are by showing how you've spent your time. For law school, that you were promoted to management is more telling than what you did as a manager (whereas it's probably the opposite for a job-search resume).

That should get you going, I think.


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