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RC Manual Pg 18 Question

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RC Manual Pg 18 Question

Hi Dave,

Really enjoying the methods you devised for the RC section. Doesn't seem that difficult now :)

I wanted to ask you a question about the wine passage on page 18 of the RC manual. As I was reading the passage, I thought lines 7-12 were the thesis/main point of the argument. As I understood, the ascriptive nature of that paragraph, whereby the author disagrees with 'most scientists' tells us what the author is trying to prove and argue in the rest of the text. To me the very nature of the disagreement, signified the main point/thesis of the argument.

To be more precise, by employing SPAM (ewwwwww), here's how I thought about this passage:

System: Where is the thesis? Lines 7-12. How was the argument supported? All the reasons, attitude and examples in the following lines to prove what was written in lines 7-12.

Purpose: Lines 7-12, to demonstrate that most scientists are wrong.

Attitude: Critical of scientists

Main Point: Lines 55-59, that wine's positive health effects are derived from the natural compounds found in grapes supports the thesis in lines 7-12. Lines 55-59, however, appear to me like the MAIN explanation, from a list of 4-5 in the passage, given for wine' positive health effects. 

This lead me to have some difficulties with question #6, I narrowed it down to answer choice A) and E) and was confused by which answer choice would make a better answer as I understood the thesis and the main point to be one and the same and was more inclined to go with answer choice A) than E).

Can you pin-point me in the right direction...what am I not getting here?

While I patiently wait for your answer, I'll go and treat myself with a glass of wine!

Thanks Dave!

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I, too, wish that (E) included mention of the previous scientists, but think about it this way: the author devotes 12 lines to telling us the first group of scientists are wrong, and then the next 45 lines telling us how good wine is. 

The main point of the passage can't be just to tell us that they're wrong (if so, we'd see 45 lines explaining in detail their wrongness), but instead to tell us what those scientist had missed - the way in which they're wrong. And the way they're wrong is that they've missed all of wine's healthful effects (which the author spends 3/4 of the passage telling us about).

Make sense?

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So I'm working on the RC passage from p.18 in the RC booklet about the benefits of grapes in wine. I just had a quick question on question #12. I narrowed this one down to B and C and correctly chose C. 
However, I realized that answer B could seem plausible too. I had underlined "popular" in the answer choice for B, and I remember thinking that this might be too much of a stretch; am I correct in assuming that popular in this case (and perhaps on the rest of the LSAT) refers to the general population? It is ambiguous and could refer to the popular belief amongst scientists, as alluded to in the first paragraph. In that case, the author is definitely criticizing that (popular scientific) opinion. I feel like a case could be made for answer B being correct too.
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Hey, there,

I've addressed your question here.*

*That used to be a link to a Blackboard video. But now we've left Blackboard for the sweet green pastures of Answer Central. The only bit of bad news attending this is that we've lost all the Blackboard recordings. Still, if you find that you have a question about anything LSAT (or about anything non-LSAT. I mean, why not?), lemme know, and I'll post you a video response. 

Love + kisses,


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