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Questions for admissions reps

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Questions for admissions reps

I am trying to come up with a standard list of questions to ask admissions reps (all subjects). I don't mean going to the forums; I mean visiting the school and talking one on one.

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Here are some things I'd want to know:

  • What grading system does the school use? Do they employ a forced curve?
  • Do they provide rankings for the whole student body?
  • Which employers participate in recruiting there?
  • What percent of student get financial aid?
  • How much does the average admitted student pay for tuition? (This figure is often very different from - usually much lower than - the advertised tuition price)

That's not a prepared list; it's just off the top of my head, so I imagine it's pretty incomplete, but maybe it'll help you brainstorm. Also, do check the websites for every school beforehand - lots of these questions may be answered there. If so, you'll look unprepared by asking them in person when the answers are available already.

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