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Question 15, P.348

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Question 15, P.348

Hi Dave,

I don't understand why (C) is correct. I am unsure about the wording in this answer choice, I have yet to see an answer choice like this. Does this question express any flaw types?

How would I go about tackling this question?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, Michael,

You'll tackle flaw questions by describing where the argument went wrong.

Here, Stephanie has acted as though Ruth said experience were sufficient for trust. Of course, Ruth didn't say anything of the sort. In this way, Stephanie has attributed to Ruth a much weaker position than the one Ruth actually staked out.

As you're going through answer choices, you can ask yourself "Did we do that?" Often, you'll see answers that are real errors in reasoning, but that just weren't done in the argument you're being asked about.

In this way, we can eliminate four incorrect choices here.


P.S. What Stephanie's done is an error with a name: it's called the Straw Man fallacy (and (C) describes it perfectly by type). As you know from experience, it's not a common error on the LSAT.

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