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Just reviewing RC from 46 now, and wow this has to be the easiest RC section I've ever seen. Am I getting better or was it just really easy? I guess we'll see if I do this well on my next test. Anyway, I do have a couple of questions.

For Q24, I think I get C now, but I don't get what is wrong with D. The "little need" allows for some room. I thought this was basically the point the author was making. That if people understand why there is a need for coordination (preventing harm) then they will consent to having the rule imposed upon them. They consent to driving on the same side of the road because they understand that it is to prevent harm, regardless of the rule preventing it. So what is wrong with D? It even says "if all drivers understood AND accepted"

As for 26, my prephrase was without a coordinating rule there would be harm. I narrowed it down to B and E, and I feel like this is one of those moments where I just knew E was more LSAT-like. Although, I'm still not sure what is wrong with B. It seems reasonable to me that selling drugs at a customer's request is something we disallow in order to prevent harm.

For 27, how is the harm to be prevented (health problems) INDIRECTLY related to prohibiting steroid use??? This is the reason I didn't choose C; I thought it was directly related. 

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Hey, there,

I've answered your question in this week's mailbag. Today's mailbag is recording number FIFTY.

You'll notice that there are vertical lines running through the playback bar; each line represents a section break, so you can quickly jump to your question if you'd like (although you may have to wait for the entire video to load in order to navigate within playback). 



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