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PT 60, RC Q3

Hi Dave,

Q3 states, "The passage most strongly suggests that the New Urbanists would agree with which one the following statements.

The correct answer is D, "The spatial configurations of suburban neighborhoods both influences and is influenced by the attitude of those who live in them.  I actually crossed this answer choice off during my timed practice test, because though I could see that the passage mentioned the spatial configuration of suburban neighborhoods influences attitudes of those who live in them,  I could not find where in the passage it mentioned that the spatial configuration of suburban neighborhoods was influenced BY the attitudes of those who live in them

I see in the line 50 that the NU's do not QUESTION people's RIGHT to their own values, but I do not see where it says that the NU's agree that suburban neighborhoods are influenced BY the attitudes of those who live in them.

I chose answer choice E.  I was hoping you would review it in your video review, because I seems like a very close & tricky answer choice. 

To me there seems to be such a fine line between line 52 in the passage, "...they suggest that we should take a more critical view of these values and of the sprawling conducive zoning and subdivision policies that reflect them" and answer choice E that states, "...personal values should not affect the ways in which neighborhoods are designed."  In particular, "more critical view" in the passage and "should not affect" in answer choice E both seem somewhat soft to me and that the NU's would be in agreement w/ E as stated.

What am I missing?




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I've recorded a Mailbag response to this question. Enjoy!

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