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PT 50 Bankruptcy Passage Q#13 (RC Book pg 139 Q#23)

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PT 50 Bankruptcy Passage Q#13 (RC Book pg 139 Q#23)

Hey Dave,

Would you mind explaining why E is the correct answer here? I picked A because E seems to only be a correlation, not causation. Also, if I was to pick E simply because of the correlation, I felt it would mean that D is a valid answer as well since that is a correlation as well.



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First, note that (A), like (D) and (E), only provides us with a correlation. That can't, then, be the basis for eliminating any of them.

The real issue is the author's contention in the final paragraph that harsh punishment is bad because it does not serve the public good.

(A) does tell me that harsh punishment may ultimately straighten out our debtors, but it doesn't address the question of the public good (particularly not the part during which those debtors are unable to contribute because they're in jail).

(D) tells me that the economy can grow despite a business being shut down and losing jobs, but that doesn't effectively address the contention that not shutting down the business would have been better for the economy.

(E) tells me explicitly that the public economic health is better for societies that imprison debtors than for those who do not; strongly asserting that harsh punishment is better - not worse - for the public good.

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Awesome, thanks a lot for taking the time to respond Dave!

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