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Preptest 67

I took an October LSAT and even though I only missed one question in Zones, I still don't know how to diagram it. What bothers me the most is that I went completely blank on the student/speeches/majors game. I was clueless although I am positive it was covered. When are the explanations going to be available?

P.S. I still got 166 and only 4 questions wrong on games. Will be retaking one I go though all the games again. And RC :)

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Hey, there,

I've answered your question in this week's mailbag. Today's session is listed as 2012-11-03.

You'll notice that there are vertical lines running through the playback bar; each line represents a section break, so you can quickly jump to your question if you'd like (although you may have to wait for the entire video to load in order to navigate within playback). 



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