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Predictions for December LSAT

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Predictions for December LSAT

Hi Dave! (sorry about the long post)

Do you have any predictions for the LSAT coming up next Saturday? I've taken both the June and October tests and I noticed on the LR it seemed like half of all questions were either Assumptions or Flaw types. And do you have any suggestions on the following problem that I came across on the October test: In preparing for the June test I prepared with Prep Tests 65-74 and a different prep company. I was scoring in the mid 150's consistently. But I got into a car accident 30 minutes before the test (other guys fault. still took the test) and got a 157.

After that I signed up for your course, watched all the videos took notes etc and like EVERYTHING made more sense. So when I prepared for October I used 40-49 (on a side note I also didn't start start taking practice tests until 2 weeks before the test...bad move I know). Then when I opened the first LR section it was like assumption question after flaw question and I was not used to SO MANY of them on the same test. I started getting confused in my head, every question started to look the same, I may have gone cross eyed at some point...and I ended up with a 157 again haha.

This time around I started preparing right after that October test, I'm using 50-59 and the 60's that I haven't taken interspersed with retakes of the 70's. Been scoring in the mid-high 160's. But do you have any advice related to the situation I experienced on test day? All those assumption and flaws one right after the other really threw me off my game.

Also, let me thank you and just say that you and this course have been like a god send. I kid you not this is the best. The thing I love most is how you explain everything in a super relate-able, clear, easy to understand way, and how you call out the test writers any chance you get lol.

Thank you for inventing LSAT Kung Fu!

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Hi, AJ,

Yeah, PrepTest 76 certainly did go a little heavy on the Necessary Assumption questions—I expect to see 2-3 in a section, and this test had 4 in one section and 5 in the other. Yet not a single Main Conclusion question anywhere! It's as though they just replaced the MC questions with NA on this form.

Still, let's not get too concerned over this distribution—we have an effective attack plan for every one of these, so whether they ask us 3 or ask us 5, we know how to answer.

My advice will still be for you to stick to making sure you understand the LSAT, and I think the best way for you to accomplish that is by following your study plan.

If you ever get to a place where you feel stuck, please let me know!



P.S. Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm here to help; let's kick the LSAT in the junk like it deserves.

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