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Placeholders don't work for this game (PT24-S4-G4)?

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Placeholders don't work for this game (PT24-S4-G4)?

Hi Dave,

This game (PT24-S4-G4) isn't in our games set but I seemed to have difficulty applying our placeholder "system" (such as it is) .

The rule : G cannot be prescribed if both N and U are prescribed. I created the following placeholder in the out/not selected portion of my diagram: ~G/~U. As I understand it, this is a viable pick for a placeholder given this rule.

However, the global directive question (#18) has for the correct answer a configuration that includes both G and U as selected for the group.

What's up, Dave?


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Hi, Arletta,

I see that you're struggling to understand the placeholder system. I think you'll find it helpful to watch the series starting here.

(You'll need to be logged in to watch each of those videos).

Remember; this whole system is really math (in a "logic" disguise)! The question of whether it "works" in a particular instance is like the question of whether gravity works in a particular instance: everywhere on Earth, the answer is yes! Let that knowledge give you confidence and increase your speed.

Please let me know if you need more help,


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