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Sibani Karki
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page 176

Hello Dave,

Is there an audio explaining answers to this reading comp?

For Logical Reasoning - Videos don't have explanation for every question. Is there an audio file explaining answers to every question listed?

Thank you,

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Hi, Sibani,

We do not currently offer any audio-only teaching material (though we're looking into a way to deliver just the audio portions of the LR sections; we'll let you know when that's available).

There are video explanations for all of the Teaching material (those pages in your books marked with a "T"), and also for some of the Self-Learning, Review, and Practice materials, as well as complete explanations for every single scored question from the Practice Exams book.

If you have a question about a page that does not already have a video explanation, you can post it in this forum, or you can email me ( and I'll answer it in my weekly mailbag session.



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