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Page 172, Question 12.

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Page 172, Question 12.

Hi Dave,

I am stuck with question 12 on page 172. I have tried to tackle this question conditionally and all I got was a long list of conditionals that I could not work with.

Thanks in advance!

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Remember, 4 of these answer choices are going to tell us things we just don't know. The correct one will tell us something we do know is false.

Last phrase of the passage: " pursue goals that offer no happiness..."

So (B) cannot be true; the passage makes it explicit that some desired goals do not result in happiness.

Make sense?


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Hey Michael, in my opinion you shouldn't be bothering with trying to diagram conditionals on this question it would waste too much time. Its quite a wordy stimulus but the only sentence that really matters is the one about compulsions not offering happiness even when attained. So you know that B cannot be true.

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