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P. 434, Q 18. Whole to Part or False Choice?

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P. 434, Q 18. Whole to Part or False Choice?

Good Morning Dave,

I am stuck on question 18 on 434. When I read this question, I instantly noticed the Whole to Part Flaw. however, the question also puts forward a false choice.

Both of these flaws are listed in the answer choices.
Whole to Part (C)
False Choice (E)

How would I go about selecting the right flaw type in the answer choices.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, Mike,

I like seeing this argument as exhibiting some False Choice tendencies; "Here's one way of thinking about Nature, so it's how we must think about nature." That seems a bit like what (E) is driving at. I also thought of it as showing us a bit of an Analogy Error; since nature exhibits these tendencies, we've assumed that our thinking about nature must also exhibit analogous tendencies.

However, I don't see a Part/Whole error here. That flaw is what happens when we assume that because something is true of a whole, that it must therefore be true of every part of that whole (or vice versa). Here, we haven't made any claim about the parts of a thing based on evidence about the whole thing, so we haven' t committed the error described by (C). 

Does that make sense?


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