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P. 122 shapes

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P. 122 shapes

Would you suggest using shapes for every element in this game? It seems like a waste of time to track all of the shapes when really we only need to reserve one spot for a student meaning the other two would not be selected. I guess the issue sometimes would be in not knowing whether or not it is best to make every element a shape, but I think I spent at least an extra couple minutes making sure everything had the correct shape when marking my diagram. 

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Yeah; I definitely feel that I spent an extra minute on this game getting the types organized using shapes. I just think it was a minute well spent, given how simple it made the game to do so.

Here's my diagram.

I also discussed the game in Mailbag sessions 43 (in SECTION SIX), 19 (in SECTION THREE), and 12 (in SECTION TWO) - repetition = learning!

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Just when I was starting to feel good this game comes along and takes me half an hour. Ugh, the setup alone took almost seven minutes.


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