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Only until as a conditional indicator

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Only until as a conditional indicator

I 'm confused with conditional indicators that are made up of two different indicator words, like only until, only if, only when, and only without.. How would you interpret a sentence that uses these indicator words? Answer choice (A) for PT 43 S2 #16 uses "only until" and I wasn't sure how to diagram/interpret the sentence.
I've been posting a lot of questions lately. Thanks so much for your help Dave!

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I think, that "if" could be substituted for "when" and "until" . So "A only until B" would be A-->B.
I believe it's the same for when, and only when. You can substitute the word "when" with "if" as well. So "A only when B" would be A-->B. And "A only without B" would be A-->~B. Contrapositives to all of these apply as always. I believe that I have this correct, but I'm a peon that is only 3 weeks into the course.

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I think you're right on with "A only without B" being A--> ~B, and "A only when B" being A-->B. Thank you! That cleared up my confusion!

But I'm still not so sure with "only until." I think "A only until B" is
but again, I'm not so sure whether this is right. Something about "only until" really confuses me when I try to figure out the conditional relationship.

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Yes! Together, you guys nailed it.

Starlitsky, you're right on the head about "only until". It means the same thing as the words "is not"—it tells us that the two things being discussed are mutually exclusive.

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Thinking of "only until" as "is not" makes it a lot easier for me. Thanks Dave!

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