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Not happy with my diagnostic scores

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Not happy with my diagnostic scores

Hi ,i need your advice ,i am not happy with my diagnostic scores i have a month to go on and 13 tests to take ,anyway i am trying to get the last three weeks off before my test from work,i am missing stupid questions,anyway i miss -5 in Rc,-3 in LR,-2 in LR and -2 games,Dave i really need your advice i am also suffering mental stress from this Lsat,every time i tell myself that this Dec is not gonna be like every other time before ,i can`t balance my mental state with my preparation.Any advice u give me i will appreciate that.

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Remember that the answer is not to do more work, but to do better work. Make sure that you're doing your studying according to the principles on this document.

If you get to a place where it feels like you just don't care what the right answers are any more, that means it's time to take a break! Give yourself 3 days off, then get back to it with ferocity.

Preparation is the nerves-killer; make it your job to thoroughly understand the test and you will feel as ready as you really are.

You can do this!


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