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Not Enough Space on PT

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Not Enough Space on PT

On most of the games that I have been practicing, there is usually enough free space at the bottom of the page to set up a diagram and symbolize the rules. On PT 57.1 Game 4 the questions take up the whole page and there is only space at the very top of the page to set up a diagram. I just wanted to know what to do in instances like this and whether or not we will be given scratch paper before the test begins.

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1. [Start old geezer rant.] Ha! Thank your lucky stars you're taking the test now and not 5 years ago—most of the tests I took had the format you're noticing in 57. We had to learn to write small! That didn't change until June 2012, when you start getting all the room in the world for Games right in your test book. [End old geezer rant.]

2. You will not be allowed scratch paper, but as you'll see (in 66-on), you won't need it. Plenty of room to write, nowadays.

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