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My "new" RC method

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My "new" RC method

Hey Dave,

So, my RC has been what's holding me down. The main problem was my timing, I would get to the last passage with 6-7 minutes left and just couldn't get through all of it having to guess on 4 or 5, so I was literally just giving away points. I have been doing the velocity method for about 2 months and I felt a lot better about my approach, but the timing was just all off.

Well, after some thought and some discussion with some people who consistently get -0/-1 wrong on RC I saw that a lot of them don't even bother with notating a passage. So, I decided to try it out. WOW! I have been finishing RC with minutes, like, 7 minutes left and feeling confident in my answers. I am saying this because I know for sure that this has a lot, if not everything to do with the velocity method. That whole time spent notating passages really ingrained what was important in a passage. Now, I don't really need to write it out anymore because I have internalized what is important when I am reading. 

My new approach is to still read actively, in fact, I find myself talking through the passages even more, but because I am not notating I am no longer trying to validate my notes and I am not getting sucked into the content. Lots of times on previous RCs I would miss the MP or would struggle with it because my notating was making me forget about the overall purpose of the passage. Dave, I really feel like working through the velocity has now given me the ability to do RC without needing to take any notes. I still create that mental road map, in fact, I find it even easier now! The questions just seem... easier. I am still working on this, and for now am just going over previous RCs that I have done (All I have left for new, untouched prep material is 7 PTs that I need to save for actual PTs). Regardless, I can tell the difference. Man, if I can hone in on RC a little more... big things Dave, big things.

Just looking for a little validation. Does this seem okay to you? I guess my overall observation is this; I have internalized my notation method so that now I no longer need to actually write it out. Sound okay?

Thanks Dave!

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That is awesome news - I'm really stoked to hear about the progress.

I fully endorse the approach you've taken; in fact, it's exactly what I hoped for. The whole idea was for you to get so good at reading that it became almost a matter of muscle memory.

You've done good work - keep it up!

(and keep the updates coming!)


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