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LSAT test location reviews

I thought it would be cool to start a thread for folks to share their experiences taking the LSAT at different locations. Basically, what was the good, bad and ugly of having to take a test there. This could be useful for future test takers to consider before selecting a location.

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I'll go first.

I took the Oct test at the University of Redlands in Redlands, CA. It is a quaint school with plenty of trees, grass and older buildings. Parking was easy. You could park right up alongside the building where the exam was given, or in a parking lot a very short walk away. Ample bathrooms were available for the pre-exam jitters and midpoint relief. Once the room list was posted to show us which room to report to the crowd was easily disbursed by helpful staff pointing folks in the right direction. The room I ended up in was fair sized with about 10 tables. Each person got their own table and comfy padded chair. My table had a small rock to it, but with a little fiddling with the leg that was fixed in a jiffy. In a room with 10 tables there were only 4 exam takers. We were all spread out and cozy with our spots. The room was absolutely quiet for most of the exam. Twice I could hear people walk by outside; but that was short lived and not much of a distraction. The proctors were very cool and accommodating; adjusting blinds, cracking windows and yes, fixing wobbly tables. All in all a wonderful place to take an exam compared to some of the scary crowded little desk venues I have heard about from others.

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I chose UNC-Greeley for my testing location in Colorado. I wish the room I was in only had 4 people. The classroom I was in was a sort of stadium seating there were at least six people per row, every other chair which was nice.

The proctors were very nice alittle to over ambitious towards being almost militaristic. It would have been easier to get to go inside the Whitehouse then to get into the room to take the test. We were told to stand alongside the wall in a single row. Taking each of our bags checkin them thoroughly for anything prohibited.

When we got to the door we were required to produce an approved ID, we were led into "the testing room" we were told they needed our ID and ticket at the other end of the table we had to produce these items again within 6 feet before being directed on where to sit. I thought it was ridiculous it was a freaking test.

Overall everyone was very nice I was just shocked at how controlling the whole process was.

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I've taken the test twice at Western State in Fullerton, and it's very nice. The parking is right next to the building, and they do check-in outside, directing you to your room after seeing your photo/ticket.

The rooms are comfortable with long tables so you've got plenty of room.

Both times, I was last in line, and I ended up being in a room with about 5 people once, and about 10 the other time (these rooms would've sat 50 people under normal conditions). That was nice.

Saddleback in south county had been a favorite of mine, but some students told me that they had a bad experience there this past test. So, I don't know...

IVC was OK (normal portable desk/chair combos), but the room I was in when I was there didn't have a restroom in it - it was iin another building across a little quad-like area.

UC Riverside sucked. Parking was roughly one mile (I'm serious) from the room. It was a stadium room, and everything took forever.


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