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Last week push

Bust through chapter reviews or practice exam after practice exam?

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Here’s my suggestion for planning your final-week prep:

Every day, plan for two possible study sessions; one in the morning, and one in the evening. These will be short sessions - one or two test sections for each session.

View each session as an opportunity to succeed - it’s not a learning exercise anymore. In the morning, take a section (or two back-to-back). Grade them. If you do well (and at this point, you know what “well” means for you), then relax; you're done for the day! Spend some time reviewing any misses, but reward your performance with a pat on your back - you’ve earned it. 

If, however, you do less than your expectations, remind yourself that the evening will bring another chance for success. Spend some time thinking about where your mistakes came from, and re-confirm what you will do in your evening session to overcome. If your evening session goes well, reward yourself with a frosty beer and get a good night's sleep. If your evening session goes poorly, remind yourself that tomorrow will give you the chance for redemption. Study your miscues, and plan for a morning session that will erase the bad performance of the night before.

The next day, repeat these exercises, keeping your focus on gliding through the work, knowing that success brings rewards and failure brings the opportunity for future success.



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