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Inference questions

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Inference questions

I've improved quite a bit with the other questions in RC, but I'm horrible with these inference questions, or what would so and so agree with questions. Usually I can eliminate 1 or 2 choices because they are just obviously wrong, but then I find myself spending tons of time sifting through the passage looking for text to support the answer. I've also noticed on newer passages that the answers are not taken as directly from the text as they used to be. This is especially a problem I have for science passages.  

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Hey, there,

I've answered your question in this week's mailbag. Today's mailbag is recording number FIFTY-THREE.

You'll notice that there are vertical lines running through the playback bar; each line represents a section break, so you can quickly jump to your question if you'd like (although you may have to wait for the entire video to load in order to navigate within playback). 



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Hi Dave,

Is there a way that newer users can access the information on the mailbag? I have some of the same questions that I have seen asked in the forum but were directed to the mailbag and I am not sure how to get there.

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I eliminated the Mailbag years ago, since now there are explanations for every question from every test.

This means that if you're struggling with any particular question type, the best way to improve is to watch what I do in the practice videos, then apply that practice in your own work!

If there's something you didn't understand from any video, please let me know.

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