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How much easier are the older RC?

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How much easier are the older RC?

Since I am a retaker, I am making sure to use all of the materials that I didn't use previously, which is PTs 1-35 or so. I have all of these old PTs and have been working through the RC book by itself, I am really trying to improve my RC to -5 or better consistently (-5 at the worst) and have been working on it by itself for almost a month now. I have gotten a lot better, but my main concern is the change in RC difficulty from older tests to the new ones. If I am doing good on these old ones, should I really be taking them with a grain of salt? I feel very confident, my mistakes are pretty careless and when I review I make sure to go over why my answer is wrong and why the correct answer is correct. So I guess my main concern is, how concerned should I be about the apparent change in difficulty?

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Well, the evolution in difficulty should definitely be on your radar.

I think you'll find that as the passages get newer, the answer choices generally start to look more alike, and the bad choices start to look more appealing. Your most important defense against this shift will be to continually answer question before wading into answer choices; this give you the best shot at avoiding traps and knowing what you're looking for.

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