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Hello, LR Forum!

Welcome to your site - this is the place for you to ask any question at all about Logical Reasoning, and get answers from the community (or from me).

Generally, I'll give any thread a couple of days to allow you to teach each other - this is good for the person who asks the question (because he gets an answer) and especially good for the person who answers the question, because articulating an answer will solidify the information in her own mind.

So have at it! Any comments or questions you post here will ping at my end, so if the community can't come to a collective decision on any question, I'll step in and answer your query authoritatively (because authoritatively is how I roll).

Kick ass,


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I just have a question about day 1 homework, under Fierce Logic practice it says Conditional Statements TWO & Negation forms ... I think I found the conditional statements towards the back of fierce logic but where is this Negation forms??

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Hi there,

I want to help you out, but I don't see what you're referring to. Are you talking about the Logical Reasoning book? Could you post page numbers?

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Tsk, tsk, AnnieLin.

You're looking for the "Live Classroom Forum" (it's here).

(to answer your question: Negation Formulations are on the first page of the Addenda section of the book).


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Hi Dave,

first, I want to thank you for your time and efforts. Next, I have a suggestion/request re your online classes/video.

When I'm watching video from lets say Chapter 3 of the course, the list of other videos from that same chapter is no longer displayed and instead I am returned to the list of "free" clips/front page. So if I'm watching these videos in order I have to go back to Chapter 3 (i.e. reload the page) and then find next consecutive video. 

It would be nice if your fans would be allowed to stay on the same page of that particular Chapter without being thrown back every time to the listing of the free videos.  Not a big deal, but the change would be very helpful and would allow to ENJOOOOOOY the course without undue interruption :o)))

Hope it make sense. And thank you again.

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Hi, La_Bayadere,

That is an excellent suggestion, and we intend to implement it. In fact, I asked Tech Team Go! how to do this very thing just a few weeks ago. Turns out, it's a process that will involve changing the coding on every single one of the millions* (*not actually millions) of videos on the site.

So we're going to do it, but it won't be a quick, turn-a-switch kind of fix.

Thanks for the great suggestion, and please let us know if there's any way we can make your life (or at least your LSAT prep) better.



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Hi La_Bayadere,

We just wanted to inform you or any other reader who comes across this post that your feature request has been successfully implemented. We strive to make the Velocity experience the best it can be. We also plan on making many more user friendly enhancements in the near future. If there are any other suggesstions you may have feel free to let us know.

Velocity LSAT Tech Support

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Thank you for removing the captcha verification on every post! That thing was annoying. 

A couple of suggestions I have:

1) If there is anyway to automatically load the respective forum pages with the most recent posts that would be great. Currently when I click on the LR forum link to enter the forums the first post I see is from May and I have to go all the way down to find the recent posts. You can sort newest to oldest very easily but if it was automatic its a nice additional benefit. 

2) If there is a way to streamline finding the posts you created personally such as clicking on my username so it shows all of my postings to see if there has been responses to it I think that would be great too. Currently there is the email notification when someone posts a reply but you don't get an email if you create a new thread and the first reply is posted. I think the email is only sent when someone actually hits the reply button to the second post. Let me know if I can clarify that because it sounded a bit confusing when I wrote it. So if the email notifications can be expanded that would be a good substitution to the username suggestion. 

Just my humble suggestions! All in all a very user friendly and easy to navigate website. Cheers. 

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I think there is a workaround for the first point that won't require too much work/hassle. For whichever forum that you are in (e.g., Logical Reasoning, etc.), there should be an orange "Sort" button towards the top right of the page (to the right of the "New Post" button) but not quite all the way to the top right. If you click "Sort," it should do what you want (much like how it's set up on the TLS forums, where the most recent threads are toward the top). You can also tinker around with it, but its default sorting option should be what you're looking for. I had also wondered about this until I stumbled on the "Sort" function.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the kind words!

Tech Team Go! removed the captcha (I'm not even 100% certain that I know what that even is), and I've forwarded your other suggestions as well.


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Hi 6lehderjets,

We took your suggestions under consideration and implemented the default sort order for the forum. It is now sorted by latest post in descending order. We have also added a "Created Date" option as well. We soon plan on adding a robust search functionality to make the forum more user friendly.

In regards to your second suggestion, there is a tab in your profile labeled "My Activity". This tab keeps track of all activity you have been involved with such as forum topics, forum edits, forum comments, blog comments, etc. This interface will also display if there are replies to your forum topics. Having all forum topics displayed by member is a good idea and we will implement this functionality shortly.

Tech Team Go

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Logic Reasoning Book, pg. 51 #4
When I wrote out my conditionals with the symbols, I used "bad" instead of healthy:

real estate & car sales --> badly
badly (crossed out) --> real estate or car sales (crossed out)

but, when reading the answer choices, I automatically assume "We don't know anything about a healthy economy" because healthy is not NECESSARILY the inverse of badly. I obviously gathered that they meant the same thing (inversely). My question is, is there any way I can know for sure that they've stated the inverse? Because the inverse of healthy is "not healthy" not "badly". I mean, it's kind of obvious, but I don't want to just assume for the future and get slipped up on it.

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You might consider this an example of the test writers demanding some flexibility from you: while it's possible that there's some third state other than "healthy" and "doing badly" (though it's hard for me to picture what that state would be), in the context of the passage, the author does seem to intend that economies are binary systems: they're either "healthy" or they're "doing badly".

This also makes some intuitive sense; after all, the use of the term "healthy" indicates the analog to the body. Your body, taken as a whole, is either healthy or it is not, and I feel very safe in saying the same thing is true of an economy.

Does that make sense?


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Got it. Yes, thank you!

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