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Hello, Games Forum!

Welcome to your site - this is the place for you to ask any question at all about the Games, and get answers from the community (or from me).

Generally, I'll give any thread a couple of days to allow you to teach each other - this is good for the person who asks the question (because he gets an answer) and especially good for the person who answers the question, because articulating an answer will solidify the information in her own mind.

So have at it! Any comments or questions you post here will ping at my end, so if the community can't come to a collective decision on any question, I'll step in and answer your query authoritatively (because authoritatively is how I roll).

Kick ass,


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I'm totally stumped! Will you post a video describing how to solve PrepTest 64 (Practice Exam 5), section 4, 4th Game, please! It starts with "A shuttle van stops exactly four times......" Or direct me to the location in which it is already posted. I don't necessarily need every question worked through, but rather the starting outline for the entire Game.

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Right here, my friend.

The experimental sections are labeled and attributed on the scoring chart page for each test, so you can find what you want that way.

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