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GPA LSAT Balancing Act

How does the LSAC combine GPA and LSAT scores?  I am trying to find out what an additional .1 on a GPA equates to how many points on a LSAT score.  If someone has a 3.5 and a 170 what LSAT score would they need to get the same LSAC score if the GPA is 3.4?  Is there a formula for this?

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There is a formula; it's called your Index Score. However, not every school uses Index Scores, and those that do use them employ different formulae to compute them!

However, LSAC says they've got you covered - for each school that you apply to, you'll be able to find the formula it uses in your account. I poked around and couldn't find it in my account, but that's probably because I don't have any active applications. 

I bet that if you've got applications running, you'll be able to find the index score for the schools you're looking at.


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