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Getting hit with...

"the legal profession is complete shit" narrative lately... anyone wanna help me rationalize my decision? 

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Lawyers made the argument that separate can't be equal (then and now).

Lawyers find new ways to apply old principles, making our world a little more livable in the process.

Lawyers sometimes help people who have no place else to turn (sometimes even for free!).

So, yeah, there are some shitty people practicing law (in the same sort of way that there are some really shitty human beings doing test prep. Trust me on that one).

But there's also a lot of good that can be accomplished only through reason, passion, logic and law.

And lawyers do all of that, too.

Just a thought.

Nemo B
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damn, good post dave. 

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Thanks! I believe in the work that a lot of you will do.

And I'm really glad to be a small part of that process.

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