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Games chapter 8 trouble

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Games chapter 8 trouble

So after finishing all of the games on chapter eight I think I may be in trouble. The games did not take 4-7 minutes, and I often had trouble deciding how to diagram the games, and had to watch the video for setup help on the last game.

Any advice as I go into chapter 9 tomorrow?

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Is it tomorrow already? 

I'm running a bit behind, as you can see. Sorry about that.

Anyway, my advice is this; return to the previous chapters of your Games book, paying special attention to the features of the first three games in every chapter. The games on those pages share fundamental similarities to the games in Ch. 8, and I will bet any amount of money you care to wager that we will see at least two games like them on test day. 

Have you done all the games from chapter eight two more times each? Wait; what am I asking? Of course you have; it's part of the standard approach and you're totally on top of it. Right? RIGHT?


Get those things sorted, and the rest will take care of itself. 


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