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Feb test

Do all schools take the Feb test scores for Fall admissions? I know waiting for the Fall results puts applications towards the bottom of a huge pile, Is that necessarily a bad thing?

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Most schools in SoCal do.

Being late in the admissions cycle is most detrimental to people at or slightly above the median admissions standards. Late in the cycle, there will simply be more applicants with similar numbers, and schools just can't admit them all.

With rolling admission, if you're just above the median with strong LOR and Personal Statement, you may have an easier time getting an acceptance (schools know they're going to admit lots of people at or very near their median, so they may call you a presumptive admit early in the cycle, even though they might just not have room for you later in the cycle).

Of course, in 2012/2013, with applications down so much across the board, those normal rules may not fully apply as schools are more desperate to fill seats...

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