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Far Away Test Center

So, my test center is about 2-3 hours away from where I live, because I live in Texas. I'm planning on getting a hotel the day before and once done I will head home.
Do you have any pre-test tips specific to conditions like this?


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I stayed in a hotel room before two of my tests; I loved it. I think the important thing is to sleep well. Other than that, you want to normalize the whole thing as much as possible. It's just another day in the life, you know? 

So get to bed at a reasonable hour, eat a good breakfast from the buffet downstairs, get in a light workout (even a 20-minute walk; nothing strenuous), and do a little warm-up drill.

Then, rely on your excellent training and all the practice you've done to carry you through, just like with your practice tests!

Remember to breathe, remember this is nothing new to you, and you'll be fine.


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